Scooter Bros. Kona Jet & Moped Rentals LLC

Jet Boat Kayak for sale

Moped Rentals

We provide quality new and used mopeds and used jet boats for your purchasing.
We except credit cards.

Mopeds For Sale:

Roketa 49 cc - Four stroke moped, approx. speed 35 mph, 1.3 gallons per tank (130 miles). Regestered and safety checked. Available in Red, Black, Yellow and Blue.
Used $975.00 (if in stock) to $1250
New Mopeds available for order at $1350 + license & saftey.
Takes 7-10 days. Deposite required.

Roketa Scooters for sale

Jet Boats For Sale:

$600.00 per boat includes: Honda 6 h.P. four stroke engine, seat cushions, Life Safety Coast Guard equipment, paddles and 3 gallon gas tank.
Will ship inter-island for a added cost (approx. $250.00)
Color choice: orange or blue.
Great for fishing, diving, and sight seeing. Works in 6 inches of water! Travels approx. 15 mph.
Operates 8-10 hours on 3 gallons of gas.

Also available jet boat and trailer package.

Four stroke jet boat engine